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Natural diatomaceous earth or silicon dioxide comes from an organic rock made up of the fossilized remains of algae – diatoms. Once extracted, the rock is micronized without any chemical treatment in order to reduce it to extra fine powder.

The one we offer is amorphous – not calcined – food-grade and is multi-purpose for you and your pet.

Diatomaceous earth is a natural insecticide , it is effective against fleas, ticks, red lice in poultry, ants, cockroaches and bed bugs. It is first of all an anti-flea and anti-tick for dogs and cats . Indeed, the powder acts on small insects as well as on mites by desiccation. It is enough to sprinkle the places frequented by your animal, to let act 48h to 72h, then vacuum, and to start again this treatment once a week during 4 weeks minimum. It is also necessary to go against the hair avoiding the eyes, the nose and the tip of the nose then to brush to remove the excess. It is also necessary to treat the basket or the mat by spraying a mixture of 1L of water for 1 tablespoon of diatomaceous earth.

It is also a very effective natural vermifuge against worms or parasites in the intestines of our companions . Diatomaceous earth must be mixed with foods such as cheese, yogurts, bananas, etc. The cure is from one week to 10 days to be renewed every 3 to 4 months or less if necessary.

The dosage is:

– for dogs, cats and rabbits under 2 kg: ½ teaspoon per day

– for dogs, cats and rabbits under 5 kg: 1 teaspoon per day

for dogs, cats and rabbits between 5 kg and 10 kg: 2 teaspoons per day

– for dogs between 10 kg and 23 kg: 1 tablespoon per day

– for dogs between 23 kg and 45 kg: 2 tablespoons per day

– for dogs over 45 kg: 3 tablespoons per day

It is a deodorant for the basket or the carpet : spread a little powder, leave to act for a day then vacuum. You can also use it to deodorize and dry the litter (chicken coop, cage, aviary, etc.) diatomaceous earth has a water absorption capacity of 2.5 times its weight, it eliminates moisture , cleans the environment and remove bad odors .

It is a dietary supplement , diatomaceous earth has nutritional properties because it is full of trace elements and minerals that stimulate the metabolism . It can be added to the food ration. It contains calcium, copper, magnesium, silica, and manganese.

Given as a dietary supplement, it contributes to:

– regeneration and strengthening of silica-depleted cells (maintenance of bones, tendons, skin, hair and nails/claws, teeth, gums, cartilage and blood vessels).

– improvement of joint mobility / reduction of arthritis pain

– the natural management of stem cell production

– promote and support good intestinal health (regulates transit)

– colon cleansing

– balances the PH of the stomach and helps to control coprophagia in dogs

– urinary health (diuretic infections and urinary tract remedies)

– promote respiratory function

– reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol

– stimulation of the energy level

– boost the immune system

– detoxify the body by passing through the digestive system, it carries with it toxins, bacteria, fungi, drug residues, heavy metals, etc.

– naturally control internal parasites

Other uses of diatomaceous earth:

– For the garden: it is a natural insecticide to eliminate aphids, ants and fly larvae. It also serves as a natural barrier against slugs and snails. Be careful not to spray it on the flowers so as not to harm pollinators.

– In the house: mixed with water to form a paste, it cleans without scratching stainless steel, copper or pewter surfaces. It serves as a deodorizer for the refrigerator, it cleans the carpets and sanitizes the garbage can.

– In body care/cosmetic use: It is an ecological, gentle and inexpensive exfoliant: just mix it with a little water and make a paste and use it as a body scrub or the face.

– Finally, it is a great cleaner for the teeth: added to your toothpaste on the toothbrush, a small amount, rub lightly insisting on the dental stains. Not to be done more than a week in a row to avoid damaging the email.

🌱 100% natural

🌱 Natural dewormer and anti-flea/anti-tick

🌱 Food supplement

🌱 Uncalcined, food grade

🌱 No additives or preservatives

Composition: diatomaceous earth, uncalcined, food grade.

Complies with NFU 44-551. Packaged in France, from a French quarry. Biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Minerals: calcium, copper, magnesium, silica, manganese.

Conditioning :

200g and 300g: sprinkler

500g and 1kg: jar

using advice 🌱 Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture. Close the jar tightly between each use. This product being natural, it is normal to observe differences in texture and color from one bottle to another.

Nutrition advice 🌱 Do not put on the eyes, the nose or the tip of the nose directly. For dogs and cats from 8 weeks. This product is a dietary supplement and in no way a meal replacement. It is recommended against worms, fleas and ticks but like any natural product it does not guarantee an absence of these. Always leave fresh water available to your pet. Never leave him unattended while eating, chewing or chewing.

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