Having always lived surrounded by animals from a very young age, from the smallest - rats and guinea pigs - to the biggest - horses, cats, a fox terrier, a husky, a boxer, a chihuahua and finally today another chihuahua, I was always looking for the best solutions to feed and spoil them as naturally as possible.

For the chihuahua, which is the encounter of my life, and with which an incredible bond has been established, I began studying canine and feline nutritionist - thus following in the footsteps of my mother - because I wanted to feed her as much as possible. with natural and healthy products. I wanted her to be happy, overflowing with vitality, in good health so that the road we take together would be as long and as peaceful as possible. Many friends confided to me their hesitations in front of the plethoric offer of products without certain guarantee of quality.

This is how I wanted to create this shop to share my values ​​and my knowledge and offer the best for our companions. I therefore looked for high quality products, respectful of the natural needs of our animals, whether in terms of treats, occupation toys or hygiene. I tried to offer very competitive prices and I started looking for partnerships with companies that really care about the well-being of our little loves, some French or European, others with organic farming approval. I personally check the quality of the items offered and I await customer feedback to see if they meet your expectations by updating the store to improve your shopping experience.