- Is deer antler, especially whole, dangerous for my small dog?
It is not dangerous but not necessarily suitable for his jaw or his ability to chew. Suede wood is softer especially the sliced ​​one.

- Can all dogs eat cheese bars even if they are lactose sensitive?
Cheese bars contain only 4% lactose and are generally well tolerated by sensitive stomachs. However for a novice it is better to introduce them little by little without letting the dog eat too much and see the effects on him.

- From what age can you give chewy treats?
The softest treats can be given from 2 months or 4 months (see product pages). For the hardest wait 6 months.

- Which chew and chew toy for my puppy?
For the puppy's delicate jaw, there are rubber toys that can be used with dry or wet food and rubber toys that have a soothing effect.

-For my gluttonous dog, what is the best solution: licking mat, treat dispenser?
The lick mat can be used to serve the daily ration. It delays food intake especially if it has been frozen before. The treat dispenser forces the dog to work to get its food as well as the occupation toys which slow down ingestion compared to a bowl gobbled up in 3 minutes.

- What treats for an allergic dog?
Generally products containing either turkey, horse, rabbit, pheasant, duck, kangaroo, trout, ostrich are anti-allergic and well tolerated even by the most sensitive. However, all organisms respond differently and you must therefore test each product separately and observe the reaction of your animal.

- My cat is alone in the apartment all day. What can I give him to occupy him without danger?
There are occupation toys which, by mimicking capturing prey or hunting, occupy the cat for a good while. Presenting him with a matatabi stick can also soothe him.

- If catnip doesn't work on my cat, will matatabi work the same?
It has been proven that 66% of cats respond well to matatabi while only 34% respond to catnip or valerian.

-What is the best hay for my rabbit?
If it is an adult rabbit, timothy hay is the most balanced because it is low in calcium which can cause urinary problems. Conversely, if it is a young animal, it can be given a little alfalfa hay rich in calcium. Crau hay is also quite rich in calcium.

- How can I avoid wasting my rabbit's hay?
The best is a hay dispenser. So the hay will not be soiled. And place it above the litter box. Because a rabbit eats and poops at the same time!

-What treat for my overweight dog?
Recommended treats are: deer and buckskin antlers, cheese bars, beef sirloin, veal hooves, salmon skins, cubed trout, lamb skins, 100% meat pâtés, working sticks and candies with the exception of pheasant and kangaroo, buffalo horn, smelt, dried meat fillets, freeze-dried duck.
The ones not recommended are: plain or puffed pig ears and snouts, rabbit ears, turkey wings and necks, goose necks, duck legs and wings, chicken hearts and legs plain or puffed, pheasant and kangaroo sticks.

-Can I put my cat's licking mat with its mash in the freezer?
What makes the cat go to food is the smell. And the temperature of the food matters. So it is best not to freeze the mat but to serve the mash at room temperature.

-What are ashes in the composition of a product?
This designates the mineral residue of the product (what remains after combustion). A rate around 7% remains normal and acceptable. Above 8% you have to be careful because an excess of minerals can be harmful to your health.

- My rabbit or rodent is bored. He gnaws the bars of his cage or anything within reach. What to do?
Try keeping him busy with a treat-dispensing toy that will force him to work for food. Put your hay in a distributor a little high always in the spirit of making it work a little more.