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In the past, dogs chewed the antlers of deer or fallow deer found in the forest. Today deer antler is recovered to satisfy the dog's essential need to chew.

No deer or fallow deer were killed to take its antlers. It is after the moult from February to May that these woods are harvested. Besides the dark exterior color means that the wood comes from a wild animal that rubbed its antlers on the trees. The dog searches for the dried marrow in the heart of the wood.

Naturally source of protein, rich in calcium and natural minerals, iron, phosphorus, zinc, glucosamine and chomdroitin, hypocaloric, anti-allergic, it is a natural appetite suppressant (to be given 1/2 hour before feeding).
Chewing a deer antler requires great physical effort and releases calming endorphins for the dog.
Without any chemical treatment, without preservatives or artificial flavors, without any smell, non-sticky and does not crumble, it is a natural descaler.

Suede wood is much less durable and is well suited for older dogs and beginner chewers including puppies from 6 months old.

🌱 Extra long lasting

🌱 No preservatives or additives

🌱 Won't break or stick in hair

🌱 Source of calcium and natural minerals

🌱 AA+ quality

🌱 100% natural

🌱 Clean and odorless

Nutrition advice 🌱 From 5 months . Give a suitable size for your pet. Whole antler is recommended for destructive dogs, advanced chewers and chewing dogs. It is not suitable for chewing dogs. You can also opt for sliced ​​antler for moderate chewers.

Practical advice 🌱 If the wood dries out, immerse it in water overnight in the refrigerator. The next day, the marrow will be spongy and moist. If you also want to give “pep” to an antler, soak it in beef or chicken broth or a tuna canned stock.

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The sizes :

NEW SIZE: XS (< 50 g): dogs up to 5 kg
S (< 75 g): dogs up to 10 kg
M (75-149 g): dogs from 10 to 20 kg
L (150 to 220g): dogs over 30 kg
XL (> 220g): dogs over 40 kg

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