As in humans, the dog's basic needs can be represented in a pyramid. △

1️⃣ Physiological needs 🌿

At the base of this pyramid, we find the physiological needs of the dog. These are the needs necessary for survival (eating, drinking, sleeping, defecating).

2️⃣ Security needs

The dog needs a coherent, stable & benevolent environment to flourish and evolve serenely. ✨

3️⃣ Social needs

🐶 Social interactions, meetings with congeners are necessary for the dog. But he also needs special moments with his human, to interact.

4️⃣ Esteem Needs

Respecting the dog's moments of rest, accepting his refusal of petting/contact, teaching children to respect the dog's limits, for example, makes it possible to meet the dog's esteem needs. 🐶

5️⃣ Activity needs

👉 Daily and varied walks meet the dog's exploratory and olfactory needs.

👉 Offering natural matications, licking activities, things to shred (watching so that the dog doesn't swallow anything dangerous) can meet the dog's needs.

👉 Offering mental expenditure to the dog through games, tricks, is essential.

👉 Some dogs need to vocalize more than others.

👉 According to the breeds & according to the individuals, the dog has various needs such as that of tracking, herding, towing,.. Activities make it possible to meet these needs in complete safety (canicross, maintrailling, treibball,..)

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You can also learn to find other activities and tips to meet his different needs. You will even find a specific section on canicross .

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So, you knew all the needs of the dog? 🐶

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November 28, 2022 — aPETite Store

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