Animals are generally afraid of the sudden and powerful explosions emitted by firecrackers and fireworks. They do not understand where the noise comes from or its origin and very often uncontrollable behavior appears.

Depending on its character, a dog can:

– cling to you while crying

- turn around

– seek to hide and flee

– urinating or defecating out of fear (even in the house when it is not usual)

– compulsively licking or biting oneself

– refuse to eat

– have a destructive behavior

– be temporarily aggressive

All animals 🐶🐱🐰🐹🐴 can have an unpredictable reaction to stress and panic

What to do ?

– Take him out before the start of the ceremony to reduce stress during the walk but also to prevent him from doing his business involuntarily in the house in case of fear! Keep it indoors for the duration of the ceremony.

– Prepare safe places for him to hide so that he feels safe (blankets, boxes, etc.)

– Before the fireworks start, usually when night falls, remember to close shutters, windows, and curtains of the whole house to isolate it as well as possible from the noise and the bright light of the fireworks

– Prepare a playground for him with all his favorite toys to divert his attention and so that he ends up associating painful moment with comfortable moment

– If you can, stay with him so as not to leave him alone, reassure him if he feels the need!

– If you stay at home with him, keep him busy with masticatory treats (cheese bar, antler, etc.) above all, do not give him treats without supervision. Other occupations can also be great as digging mats, licking mats (lickimat) etc...

– If you can't stay with him, leave him something with your scent and plug in the surveillance camera to see him or even talk to him

– Remember to mask the sounds of firecrackers and fireworks by turning on the television or with music that he likes

– Make sure that everything is properly closed, close the doors and windows of the house well to avoid running away and any accident. Also check that the room where he stays does not contain any danger or object with which he could hurt himself (put his GPS collar on him if you have one)

– Above all, stay calm, don't raise your voice no matter what!

– If necessary, Bach Flowers and other natural alternatives can greatly help in the fight against stress

– If this is not enough, give him his usual painkiller if your vet has prescribed one or consider using CBD oil


– Encourage him to play but do not force him if he refuses

– Give him chewy treats or a LickiMat to keep him occupied

– Make him an anti-stress bandage or put him a Thundershirt if you have one (similar effect to acupuncture with us)


– Prepare a hiding place for him like a cardboard box


– Prepare a hiding place for him like a cardboard box or a box or cover his enclosure

– Add something to chew on and enough hay


– Whether he is in the meadow or in the box, be careful that there are no dangerous objects with which he could hurt himself, remove the hay nets, dangling salt stone or other and leave the hay on the ground

Whatever happens you know him better than anyone, do your best to avoid stress and panic

July 13, 2021 — aPETite Store

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