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A good alternative to wood, heather tuberous root is an organic and ecological product from sustainably managed forests, harvested by certified and competent organizations. Dried in the open air, then boiled in water, which gives it its resistance and finally cut by craftsmen, it is naturally imbued with tannins.

This root is completely digestible, does not break or split. Thanks to the animal's saliva and chewing, the edges of the root become more and more smooth. Only a few residual shavings will be on the ground, it will then suffice to vacuum them up, but they are completely safe because the root is essentially composed of digestible fibres.

Having undergone no chemical treatment, this root is free of any artificial additives or preservatives. Rich in nutrients and tannins including calcium and potassium allies of tooth enamel, low in fats, heather root has a very interesting value for money because of its size and its duration, it is a real bath of natural mouth!

Enriched with olive oil for even more palatability!

Chewing a heather root requires great physical effort and releases calming endorphins for the dog.

🌱 Extra long lasting

🌱 No preservatives or additives

🌱 No processing or artificial flavoring

🌱 Natural descaler

🌱 Hypoallergenic

🌱 Suitable for overweight dogs

🌱 Source of vitamins and minerals

🌱 100% natural

🌱 Clean, odorless

🌱 Does not stick in the hair and does not splinter

Nutrition advice 🌱 From 9 months . Give a suitable size for your pet. Heather root is recommended for destructive dogs, confirmed chewers and chewing dogs. It is not suitable for chewing dogs. Opt for sliced ​​deer antler or buckskin antler for moderate chewers. Prefer beveled deer antler or suede antler for puppies.

Practical advice 🌱 If you also want to give "pep" to a heather root, soak it in beef or chicken broth or a tuna canned fund or rub it with olive oil.

Guaranteed result!

The sizes :

XS (60 to 150 g): dogs up to 8 kg
S (150 to 300 g): dogs up to 15 kg
M (300 to 500 g): dogs up to 25 kg
L (500 to 700 g): dogs up to 35 kg
XL (700 to 1000 g): dogs over 35 kg

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