Activated vegetable charcoal – 100g

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This natural detoxifier and detoxifier comes from the calcination of wood or an organic vegetable matter. It is not absorbed by the intestinal mucosa but lines it and acts like a sponge by attracting substances liquids, solids or gases that are toxic to the body. It prevents them from passing into the blood and promotes their elimination through the stool. It is used to relieve digestion-related ailments such as bloating, stomach aches, flatulence, I intestinal fermentations and intestinal gas but also in case of ingestion of undesirable substances.

Activated vegetable charcoal is naturally absorbent, purifying and detoxifying intestinal gas. It can help to reduce residues of pesticides or fertilizers, heavy metals, chemical substances (in case of using industrial foods), various toxic bacteria, organic solvents etc.

🌱 100% natural

🌱 Food supplement

🌱 No additives or preservatives

🌱 Made in France

🌱 Helps fight bad breath

🌱 Natural sanitizer (helps purify the body)

🌱 Helps fight gastric reflux and heartburn

🌱 Gas and toxin absorber

🌱 Help limit aerophagia (excessive air intake) and belching (burping)

🌱 Transit regulator (helps fight diarrhea and gastroenteritis)

🌱 Ideal for fighting bloating, stomach aches and flatulence

🌱 Helps the body in case ingestion of undesirable substances or in the event of intoxication (food, drug, poisoning, etc.)

Composition: 100% activated vegetable charcoal in granules

Analytical constituents: Crude fiber > 80%

Tips for use 🌱 To be given outside meals , mixed with drinking water or in a little food.

Dosage per day:

– cats and small dogs: 1/2 measuring spoon per day

– dogs under 20kg: 1 measuring spoon per day

– dogs of 20kg and +: 2 measuring spoons per day

To be taken as a cure for 1 to 2 weeks maximum, renewable if necessary. To be mixed in a moistened ration. Space the intake of vegetable charcoal by 2 hours with the intake of medication or food supplements. The addition of clay is to be avoided with vegetable charcoal because it would inactivate the process of absorption of vegetable charcoal.

Nutrition advice 🌱  Does not replace a drug during gastroenteritis. Ask your veterinarian for advice on long-term treatments based on activated vegetable charcoal (before renewing a new cure, for example ). Do not administer in case of ulcers or occulsion. Your veterinarian may need to adapt the advice for use according to your animal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store in a cool, dry place, away from moisture. Close the jar tightly between each use. This product being natural, it is normal to observe differences in texture and color from one bottle to another. For dogs and cats from 8 weeks. This product is a dietary supplement and in no way a meal replacement. Always leave fresh water available to your pet. Never leave him unattended while eating, chewing or chewing. If your animal's condition does not improve despite administration or even worsens, the problem is serious, consult your veterinarian. Ask your veterinarian for advice before administering it to pregnant or lactating female dogs or cats.

Food supplement made in France.

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