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This product from Alaskan cold water fish and pollock is of remarkable quality and is balanced in omega 3/omega 6 marine acids EPA and DHA.

Dogs and cats do not produce fatty acids which they must obtain from their diet. This oil contributes to the health and well-being of your animal. It is rich in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It provides a large part of the necessary daily intake. Top quality, free of heavy metals.

Also a source of vitamin D and iodine, it is ideal for a beautiful coat and beautiful skin, joints, promoting growth, brain function, anxiety disorders, cardiovascular health, immune functions, eyesight, hearing, fight against the cold, sports recovery, help reduce age-related symptoms, maintain bone health, relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, stimulate appetite, supplement nursing bitches or cats.

Unlike oils from farmed salmon, wild salmon oil naturally low in omega 6, the omega 3/6 ratio is 5 times more balanced than farmed salmon oil. It rebalances the diet of your cats or your dog which is often too rich in omega 6 (vegetable oils, chicken fat). Pollock oil helps to properly balance the omega 3 and 6 ratio.

This fish oil is suitable for dogs with the MDR1 gene mutation associated with drug sensitivity as it does not contain any antibiotics or drugs as it is derived from wild salmon. Its content of essential fatty acids is rich due to its partly vegetable diet drawn from an environment with a natural ecosystem.

This oil is appreciated by dogs and cats.

🌱 100% natural

🌱 Food supplement

🌱 No additives or preservatives

🌱 Strengthens the immune system and helps fight the cold

🌱 Suitable for dogs with the MDR1 gene mutation

🌱 Source of omega 3 & 6

Capacity: 125mL (cats and small dogs), 250mL or 500mL

Composition: 50% wild Alaskan salmon oil enriched with tocopherol (antioxidant E306) of natural origin, 50% hake oil. NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Analytical constituents: Fat 99.9%.

Tips for use 🌱 To be added directly to your animal's ration, whatever its age. For dogs and cats of:

< 5 kg: ½ pressure per day

5 to 12kg: 1 pressure per day

12 to 25 kg: 2 pressures per day

25 to 40 kg: 3 pumps per day

> 40 kg: 4 pumps per day

To be taken as a cure over a period of at least one month. If necessary, to be taken all year round at the rate of 2 to 3 times per week. Store in a cool, dry place in the shade or in the refrigerator. Can be kept for 3 months after opening at room temperature or 4 months in the refrigerator. Product can be frozen. This product being natural, it is normal to observe differences in texture and color from one bottle to another. Packaged in France.

Nutrition advice 🌱 Ask your veterinarian for advice. For dogs and cats from 8 weeks old if solid food has been introduced. This product is a dietary supplement and in no way a meal replacement. Always leave fresh water available to your pet. Never leave him unattended while eating, chewing or chewing. Beware of dogs and cats suffering from overweight, osteoarthritis or overweight because they are very rich in fat. Make sure that your dog's diet does not already contain omega 3 because an excess can cause digestive problems.

Practical advice 🌱  The brown color and the peculiar smell of this fish oil is due to natural nitrogenous components. In order to preserve the benefits and prevent the oxidation of this oil, alpha tocophenol has been added or vitamin E, a natural antioxidant substance.

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