Natural Atlantic Coast tuna flakes – Canumi – 120g

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This predatory fish is the protein champion! Although lean, this vitamin-rich swimmer provides Omega 3, phosphorus and vitamin D. It is rich in selenium with antioxidant power. Sprinkle everything with vitamins A, C, B3 and B12, which support the immune and nervous systems.

Yellowfin tuna loins promote good cardiovascular function. As a fatty fish, omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are known to protect the heart, strengthen circulation and prevent heart disease. It is also a rich source of potassium, which helps lower blood pressure.

Tuna is one of the most complete sources of protein, as it contains the 10 amino acids our pets need for proper cell development, to help maintain a healthy immune system and to replenish or gain tissue. and muscle mass.

Niacin or vitamin B3 is abundant in tuna, and this vitamin helps maintain stable levels of high-density lipoprotein, which prevents the liver from removing HDL from the blood, thus maintaining HDL cholesterol at healthy levels.

Omega 3, selenium, vitamins B6 and B12 are stimulants and create endorphins. Its folic acid content promotes pregnancy and lactation

In short, tuna is all good!

Conditioning : 100g

🌱  100% natural

🌱  From 6 weeks

🌱 Excellent source of vitamins & minerals

🌱 Helps maintain a healthy coat and skin

🌱 Limits hair loss

🌱 Delays cognitive deterioration

🌱 Natural antioxidant

🌱  No salt, no additives, no grains, no by-products and no gluten

🌱 Meal supplement, treat, LickiMat or fillable toy

Composition : 100% cod.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 25.2%, humidity 93%, ash 1.2%.

Feeding recommendation:

Dog size XS and Cats: max 40g/day

Size S dog: max 63g/day

Medium dog: max 125g/day

Large dog: max 160g/day

XL size dog: max 200g/day

Do not discard the conservation water tin cans. A large amount of nutrients are preserved in it. Conservation water contains minerals and trace elements. Magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and iodine are among them. It contains vitamins A, D and E and to a large extent all the B vitamins. There is a good accumulation of omega in the cooking water and of course a good dose of hydration.

Nutrition advice 🌱 For dogs and cats from 2 months as treats if solid food has been introduced. Give according to the age, weight and activity of your animal, adjusting the food ration accordingly. Always leave fresh water available to your pet. Never leave him unattended while eating, chewing or chewing.

Practical advice 🌱 adapt the quantity according to the size of your animal. As this product is natural, it is normal to observe differences in size, shape and color from package to package. Store dry and at room temperature. Once opened, keep in the fridge and consume within 48 hours. Serve at room temperature.

Composition & Constituants analytiques

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Conseils nutrition : âge, posologie et mode d'administration

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Informations intolérances & allergies

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Conseils conservation & sécurité

Conservation : Conservez les à l’abri de la chaleur et de l’humidité comme dans un placard tant qu'ils ne sont pas ouverts. Une fois ouvert, conservez au réfrigérateur et consommez dans les 5 jours.

Information : Ces friandises étant naturelles, il est normal d’observer des différences de taille, de forme et de couleur d’un paquet à l’autre.

Sécurité : Ne laissez jamais votre chien sans surveillance lorsqu’il mange, mâche ou mastique. Attention à ce qu'il mastique correctement, ne gobe pas et n'avale pas de gros morceaux, il risquerait de revomir la friandise ou bien de s'étouffer. La taille de la friandises est considérée comme adaptée lorsqu'il ne peut pas la rentrer entièrement dans sa bouche quand elle n'est pas encore entamée.

Laissez toujours de l’eau fraîche à disposition de votre animal.

Attention à la protection de ressource si votre avez plusieurs animaux. Au besoin, séparez chaque animal dans une pièce lorsqu'ils mangent, mastiquent, mâchent ou lors de l'utilisation d'un lickimat ou d'un jouet d'occupation.

Provenance & DLC

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A propos de la marque

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Avis client

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