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This natural catnip - wild relative of the Asian kiwi plant - is one of the most powerful. While not all cats are sensitive to catnip or valerian, 66% respond well to matatabi. This contains a cocktail of molecules found in the oil that have a safe and non-addictive euphoric effect on cats.

Faced with the stick of matatabi, the cat rubs, saliva, drools, rolls, licks and nibbles it. The effect is short-lived and after a maximum of half an hour the cat leaves the stick. But during this time he was happy and relaxed! And there is no dependency!
If you have a toy that contains it, it's even better because it combines play with pleasure.
It should be noted that cats that have not reached sexual maturity do not yet react to matatabi.

Peel the stick well before using it.

Nutrition advice 🌱 Matatabi acts like toothpaste by exfoliating dental plaque and providing better breath. It also prevents diabetes, relieves blood pressure and relaxes temporarily.

Practical advice 🌱 After a few uses, remove the skin with a sparing knife, exposing the white. Do this regularly so the cat can smell the oils in the wood. Remove the stick after half an hour.

This product being natural, the shape, color, size and weight may vary slightly from one product to another. Non-contractual photo.

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